Behind the Scenes with La Machine

This blog post is written by one of our Co-founders, Hari Adnani

La Machine is a production company based out of Nantes, France and is famous for it’s spectacular and captivating machines. La Machine is coming to Ottawa between the 27th and 30th of July to begin their North American tour.

Nanik and Hari interviewing at La Machine

On Sunday the 23rd, Maker Junior visited the Space and Aviation museum where La Machine set up their massive animatronic puppets to roam the streets. With three week build time and an even longer amount of time to be shipped from France to Canada, you can tell it’s going to be amazing.

The puppets that will be performing will be Long Ma, a dragon horse and Kumo, a massive spider. The story premise is that Kumo, the massive spider, once snuck into the home of Long Ma, a cosmic entity and guardian of humans, and not only robbed his temple, but also burned his wings. After this, Long Ma spends his days roaming the seven seas in hopes of finding his temple and destroying Kumo. The recent construction work in Ottawa has aroused Kumo and in her weakened state (she lost control of the temple), Long Ma sets out on the journey to restore his temple with the power that he alone possesses.(La Machine, 2017)

That sounds crazily cool and to make it even more amazing, Maker Junior managed to interview with Antoine Piffaut, the director of movement for Kumo and he gave us some spectacular info on La Machine and what’s to come. Check it out:


Thank you for reading my blog post today, it was so much fun to go and see the puppets before they were sent out on the street, I sincerely hope that you will consider going to see La Machine in action between the 27th and the 30th of July.

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