I don't have anything to make! (... and why that's a lie)

This blog post is written by one of our Co-founders, Hari Adnani

We’ve all been there, whether you’ve been making longer than you’ve been able to walk or if you’re fresh in the field, you know the feeling of not have anything to make, or more accurately, not being inspired. From experience, I know that there’s always something to make-you just have to be inspired. How do you find inspiration? I’m glad I asked! Here are three ways to be inspired when making.

#1 An exceptional way to find inspiration is by looking around your community to see what needs fixing or what would help you or others. It could be a birdhouse (to help the birds), a custom table centrepiece (this would help make your table more aesthetically pleasing), or even a wooden chest to store toys in at your  local park.

#2 Take your hobby (or find a hobby) and contribute to its community. You can write a piece of sheet music and share it with the world, make and sell picture frames for artists or you could even make a cabinet or a series of shelves, anything to organize your making materials. This could include glue, markers, extra wood, motors, batteries, and anything else you can think of.

#3 If you honestly, truly, no way, no can do, think of something to make, there’s always a solution! On this website there’s so much to do, and so much to learn. As a matter of fact that website is the one you’re reading this on. Maker Junior! Maker Junior  is awesome! On the Maker Junior YouTube channel  there’s a ton of awesome ideas and tutorials for kits that we sell on the website. Check it out, you won’t regret it!

Thank you for reading my blogpost, now that you have inspiration, go make!

‘Till next time!


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