Maker Junior visits @churchill209

Have you met the Rainbow Eggheads yet?  They are a grade 5/6 class at Churchill Alternative PS who are very comfortable working with technology.  They have a blog where they write about their learning adventures.  And they tweet as a class from @churchill209 .  I met their teacher, Shauna Pollack, at Ottawa EdCamp 2013, and we set up a visit to their classroom to make Electro-cards .  Electro-cards are light-up greeting cards made with a battery, LED, construction paper switch and conductive paint.


The class works closely with a Grade 1/2 class down the hall.  Each student is paired with buddy.  I visited the class over 2 days to give everyone a chance to make a card.


First we covered some basics - batteries, simple circuits, open vs. closed circuits (ie. switches), and positive to negative electron flow.  We started by making sure we could each light up an LED with a battery.



Everyone was give a card with a very basic schematic on it.  Their card designs all took advantage of the light.  I enjoyed the creativity of the designs that were created!

As the cards were drying, I set out some of the other projects I work with.  They were well received.

The Rainbow Eggheads and their little buddies were great to work with.  It was fun helping them build their cards.  And when I was able to check the twitter feed after the event, I felt good knowing that they had enjoyed themselves.

So thank you, @churchill209, I had a good time too!



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