Adding chocolate and marshmallows to your projects

Yay! It's summer! During the last week of school at the JH Putman maker club, Mrs. Lee had the wonderful idea to build solar ovens. 

We weren't starting completely from scratch, the Grade 7 Science classes were also building solar ovens. Most of the kids appreciated the extra time to work on their science projects.

We used all recycled materials. One of the groups even used the empty case from a desktop computer we took apart. See if you can see it in the picture up above.

From my brief introduction to solar ovens, it looks like you need to you:

  1. reflect light (foil!)
  2. absorb light (black paper)
  3. keep the heat in (I found some foam that worked well)

Testing, as always, was my favourite. The chocolate melted quickly. After 20 minutes the marshmallows were definitely soft, but not runny. Need to keep working on my design... yum!


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