Inventor's Fair

Last weekend I had a chance to go the Princess Auto Parts Inventor's Fair here in Ottawa. There is an old English proverb that says "Necessity is the mother of invention". I saw that in action at the Inventor's Fair on Saturday.

This is the Mosquito Cemetery.  It uses the carbon dioxide generated by the humans and animals inside a building to attract mosquitoes to a trap on the outside of the a building. No additional carbon dioxide or fuel canisters required.

This is a rake for a gravel path:

I spoke with Wendy van der Horn. Wendy's husband, Tim, is a prolific inventor. Tim has invented a Wind Powered Generator with two turbines that can produce more energy from less wind. He was also presenting the Can Hoist and a hitch removal tool.


I also had a chance to speak to several members of the Inventors Association (Ottawa). The Inventors Association has been meeting since 1986 and draws members from all over Eastern Ontario. It's open to all adults who are interested in inventing or helping inventors succeed. It's open to adults only because signing a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) is a condition of membership. They are interested in helping inspire kids, though, and all of the inventors at the fair were happy to talk about their inventions.

My favorite invention at the fair was Tim van der Horn's hitch removal tool. Take a look at this picture, can you see how it works?

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