Motors and Movement Workshop - September 2013

September's Motors and Movement workshop was lots of fun.  We used DC motors to build doodling robots and vibration motors to build Gami-Bots .

We used corks to offset the motors of the doodling robots and make them vibrate and draw.  We explored different ways of causing the vibrations that got the cup to move.



It was fun to decorate them and see everything move around.



The Gami-Bots were fun too.  The vibration motors work the same way as our doodling robot offset motors work but you don't have to fiddle around with a cork to get them vibrating, the offset weight is already attached.  The trick with the Gami-Bots is balancing the motor and the battery so they don't nose dive.  Once we had that figured out they moved really fast and we had to work hard to keep them on the table!

Don't forget to register for our next class,  Break and Make , on October 22!

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