Toy and Game Expo YIC: Poster Board Display

Okay, the prototype's done and you've registered for the Young Inventor Challenge.  Have you put together your Poster Board Display yet?  If you have, good for you!  If you haven't, don't panic, here are some tips for putting your display together:

1.  Use a folding 3-panel board.  You can buy one at the store or make one yourself!

2.  Put the name of your invention front and center.  It should be the first thing you see when you look at the display.

3.  Use bright colours to draw attention to your prototype.

4.  Make sure the information you are presenting is clear.   If you've worked your way through the Inventor's Workbook, you already have all the information you need to put on your display.

5.  Have fun putting together your display!  Take a break and take a step back.  Try looking at your display from across the room to see what catches your eye.

Good luck working with your displays.  We're looking forward to meeting everyone on Saturday!

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