Maker Faire, San Mateo, May 2014

Maker Faire is big.  Really big. This is where it all started. The projects were definitely at a larger scale than anything I've seen before. And yes, there was more fire. We set up our booth and made electro-cards with about 140 kids who stopped by.  It wasn't the fastest project we could have done, but it gave us a chance to talk and share. Most of the kids we talked to had trouble picking out a Faire favourite, we did too!

El Pulpo Mecanico at dusk


Before the day begins


Arc Attack!


Bright ideas?


Giant Cardboard Robot


Game of Drones


Making cards. Yes, my helpers are eating ice cream.


Looks like there's room for two


Meet David


Our gallery of drying electro-cards


A beautiful illuminated forest


Kinetic elephant - riding the bike makes it move




A closer look


3D printed car


In the forest


A not-so-giant cardboard robot


Glowing t-shirt


Senseless Devices IR Arcade - I bought a kit!


Electric Giraffe - I just realized her ears are lava lamps!


Coke & Mentos


Front row at Coke & Mentos


Getting some soldering help for our solar car kit.

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