Montreal Mini Maker Faire

There's quite a difference between one of the big Maker Faire's and a smaller Mini Maker Faire. We were just at Maker Faire last month.  It was big and grand and impossible to see everything.  In contrast, the Montreal Mini Maker Faire was warm and welcoming and everything a "Mini" maker faire could be.  We were welcomed warmly, the makers were friendly and the atmosphere relaxed.  It was wonderful to discover the making community in a city so close to home.  Although I still didn't get a chance to see everything!



Getting ready for the day


These robots played catch! They were part of the FIRST robotics competition.


A Raspberry Pi fridge interface for a shopping list by Surreality Labs.


 Lab Zed had some great light projects. Including a very innovative use of ping pong balls.


Our first firefly electro-card! What a great idea!


An R2D2 built with Lego Mindstorms by Marc-André Bazergui.


La Fabrique is a new makerspace in Sherbrooke, QC that everyone was excited about.


The little guy was very proud of his doodle bot.


Spikenzielabs sponsored lunch for the makers (thank you!) and ran a learn how to solder table.


First step - opening the bag and seeing what we've got!


Hari was very pleased with the blinking badge he made at the spikenzielabs table.


Nanik got a little creative making doodlebots for our table. Recognize them? (Yes, he's been watching Mythbusters.)


I made some BacteriArt at the bricobrio table with some e.coli bacteria. I can't wait to see the results.


Nanik made a light sensitve flashlight at the soldering table run by Helio and échoFab.


This is an interactive lamp named Clyde. Fabule was able to develop Clyde with funds from a successful Kickstarter campaign.


Early prototypes from NightOwl.



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