Bubble Maker Challenge: What else can I do with a motor?

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Project of the Month - Bubble Maker Challenge

We are going to be featuring a new project idea every month that uses some of the parts and pieces that we sell in our kits. This month it's the Bubble Maker Challenge! One of the first projects we start our makers off with is the Doodlebot. Also known as a scribble bot or an art bot, this is a fun project that uses the wobbly motion created from offsetting a motor to create fun doodles. But what else can you do with an Educators Pack of Doodlebots? This summer at camp I presented the 9-12 yr old kids with the Bubble Maker Challenge. The challenge is straightforward. Use the same motors, wires, batteries, cork and cup you would use to make a Doodlebot. I provided a pie plate filled with bubble solution. How could you make a machine that blows bubbles? 

We had lots of different designs. The most successful designs used the size and angle of the fan blades to successfully push the air that was required to make a bubble. Remember, if the fan starts to pull the bubble in, you need to change polarity of the batteries to change the direction of the fan. Just switch the wires around! 

This little fan actually made the best bubbles!

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